During the dry season, the well drilled in the village of Gbefandgi is the only available water within a 8-10 mile radius

Some villagers had to walk 2-3 miles for clean water.  Now they can get it in their village.

Wells are drilled with high pressure water.  It takes, on average, about 4-5 days to drill a well and install an electric pump with a small storage tank.  If the village has electricity available we supply the electric meter. For villages without electricity we supply a portable gasoline powered generator.

WIJN - Water in Jesus Name.

Benin is located on the Ivory Coast of Africa bordering the western edge of Nigeria.  The 2018 population was a little over 11.1 million.

The ministry started in 2000 with 14 wells being drilled. As of July 2020 we have completed 24 new wells.  We are currently drilling 3-4 wells per year at a cost of approximately $5000 per well.

We currently partner with the Four Square Gospel Church in Benin to determine where to drill the next well.  The church can use the ministry as an evangelistic tool to reach the unsaved.

If you would like to support this ministry please send your contribution to Bertram First Baptist Church at P.O. Box 1602, Bertram, TX 78605, and designate it to the water well project.  One hundred percent of your donation will be used for this ministry

Bertram First Baptist Church 

Established 1887