The ministry started in 2000 with 14 wells being drilled. As of July 2018 we have drilled 22 wells.  We are currently drilling 3-4 wells per year at a cost of approximately $5000 per well. We have completed 12 new wells.  If you would like to support this ministry please send a check to the church and designate it to the water well project.  One hundred percent of your donation will be used for this ministry

Some villagers had to walk 2-3 miles for clean water.  Now they can get it in their village.

Bertram First Baptist Church 

Established 1887

Wells are drilled with high pressure water.  It takes, on average, about 4-5 days to drill a well and install an electric pump with a small storage tank.

Benin is located on the Ivory Coast of Africa bordering the western edge of Nigeria